İzlediğiniz blogları Bloglovine Taşıma

Google Reader pazartesi kapanıyor. "Google Reader" da takip ettiğiniz blogları bloglovine taşımak isterseniz aşağıdakileri uygulayabilirsiniz..

Google Reader is shutting down on Monday

You still have a few days to save your Google Reader subscribers. One solution is to help your subscribers move from Google Reader to Bloglovin. If you are looking for inspiration on how to write a blog post, here are three great examples:

Top 10 reason why im lovin bloglovin

Follow ABM on Bloglovin

Bye Bye Google Reader, Hello Bloglovin'

bunlardan "Top 10 reason why im lovin bloglovin" a tıkladığınızda açılacak linkte 4. maddede aşağıdaki paragraf var. bu paragraftaki " Import Your Favorite Blogs from Google Reader." ı tıklarsanız, google readerda takip ettiğiniz bütün blogları bloglovine almış olursunuz. Böylece takip ettiğiniz blogları "Bloglovin"den takip edebileceksiniz.

"4. You can move all your blogs on Google Reader to bloglovin’. It’s amazingly simple. I just followed the directions on bloglovin’ when I signed up. They were clear and easy to follow. Just go here if you aren’t automatically directed: Import Your Favorite Blogs from Google Reader. Be sure to check that you follow me and your other favorite blogs when you do move your blogs. I lost a lot of the blogs I followed when Google Friend Connect was discontinued for .com blogs. I know a lot of my followers lost my blog at the same time. So I’m still adding blogs that I lost. My list isn’t complete yet."

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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  1. But, Google Rider is different from Google Friend Connect...it isen't true!!!!
    Btw, keep in touch on bloglovin!!!

    1. @Paola ! not understand. what s false?
      it s told how to import favorite blogs to Bloglovin here.
      so we can follow our favorite blogs in Bloglovin.